The first Festival Folk sur le canal June 21 2008 was fantastic. I was only able to be there for a few hours but they were great.

The crowd was a great mix of young and old, French and Anglo. It is easy to get to by car, bus or by bike.

It was great to be able to “step out” from the Festival and watch the boats on the Lachine Canal or watch the Lock in operation.

There was even a Concert just for the kids. This seem to be a very kid friendly event. There was face painting and other activities. You could take the kids over to the canal if they were getting board/restless.

With you admission you also got a down load code for 1 song from each of Acts. I now have a bunch more groups who’s music I will be buying in the near future.

The beer was great (what do you expect at a brewery), but they was water and pop too. Prices were Ok. There were hot dogs, sausages, veggie burgers, fruit and veggies too.

I only saw 3 acts, but the were great. Again some English and some French. The sound was great, you could hear it all over main area and out on the Canal and Bike/Foot path too.

The Good Lovelies

Perhaps Because

Scott Normandy

I really hope there is an other one next year. I make sure that my schedule is free and make sure I take a big hat, sunscreen and a chair. Some aspirin for my knee would be a good idea too.


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