Last week was my look back at 2008. This week is my look forward for 2009.

I will be adding to the list as the year goes on and expanding on some of the items and checking off what gets done.


My parents get through the year with out any medical issues

The Economy Picks Up

To Do’s

Update this Blog at least once a week (vacation time excepted)

Lose weight. At this point not going to tell you what the start weight is or what the target is.

Start the 100 push up program, start date early February

Eat More Healthy and Local

Bike a lot more than last year

Take a lot more photo’s and post them


Visit Quebec City

Visit Ottawa in the Spring and/or Summer

Go to the Spring Cottage Life Show in Toronto at the end of March

Attend Mondial de la Biere Montreal 2009 in June

Attend the Clearwater Beach Annual Fun Day and General Meeting in September

Stuff I want to get

DSLR this is in the research stage

Get a replacement for my PowerBook G4  it’s over 6 years old and due for an update, it will be an Apple Product

Get a new windows machine not sure if Desk Top or Lap Top