Hi this page is where I will be posting information and links to were to get more information on Beer. Please check back as this will grow. If you have a link you think should be here, let me know and if it look interesting I will add it.

General Information on Beer

Beer School  their motto is “We’re here to help you and your friends learn to like more than one kind of beer.”   A great general information site. John and Motor explore all kinds of beer. They present the information via podcast. They also have a Facebook page


Here is a newer site Beer Suggest right now (May 2008)) there are in a public beta release. I have startedto  review beers on the site. It’s a great way to find local beer’s you may not have tried. Or if you are traveling some local beer’s to try when you get there. As more breweries are added and their beers it will be much more useful and fun to use to find new beers. 

PS give AJ a break right now the site is sluggish, he is working on it. It is growing much faster that he though. Read his blog on the site for more information.     




Brewers Links

Guinness Brewing

McAuslan Brewing