It’s been a busy week both at my day job and with my work with the Clearwater Beach Ratepayers Association.

I have been working with the Clearwater Beach Ratepayers Association for a number of years in various forms. Helping BBQ the lunch for the Annual Fun Day (Saturday of the Labour Day Weekend). Then I moved over to help one of my oldest friends with the kid’s games. I ended up in running the Prize Table supervising the picking of the prizes and handing out the Ribbons to the kids.

Started attending the Annual General Meetings and then some of the executive meetings to help with the planing for the Fun Day. Ended up being asked to run for Secretary at the 2009, and I was elected. Who’d a thunk it… LOL.

This year the current VP for the Association stepped down after 17 years of very active service. I was asked to run for VP for the 2012 executive. Yet again I was elected… unfortunately no one ran for Secretary, so I am still keeping most of that job but getting a lot of help from others on the board.

The Executive have been moving forward with a number of things over the last few years to serve our members better.

  1. We have put the AGM and the Fun Day on the same day and attendance for the AGM has gone up
  2. Working to try to have the postal box’s replaced. The current ones are very rusty and poorly placed (We are dealing with Canada Post it may be a while)
  3. Joining FOCA
  4. FaceBook page (Launched in September 2009)
  5. Insurance for the Association to cover our various meetings, events and the executive
  6. A Blog to get information out to our members who do not use FaceBook and place where we can refer new member to. (Approved on Sept 3 launching September 2011, currently in beta)
  7. Group emails to the membership for urgent matters/reminders

Living in Montreal, does mean that getting back to the Beach for meetings is a bit of a pain, but it means I get to see a lot of old friends and new friends too. Working with the association helps me keep connection to our cottage where I have been going since I was born. Keeping in contact with those I have known since I was born or they were born. All in all the members of the Clearwater Beach Ratepayers Association are a great group of people that I enjoy being around.

Part of my involvement is paying it back to the Association, for the many Fun Day’s when I was young on the beach.

Volunteer it is a great way to get in touch with your community. An it might be good for me too.

Volunteering for the Right Reasons Might Help You Live Longer