Disruptions: Norelco on Takeoff? Fine. Kindle? No. 

http://nyti.ms/uU4UA9 New York Times Story 

They only seem to be looking at and measuring 1 thing. Volts per meter is a thing to worry about yes, but the devices all put out different frequencies of RF, which can add together in unexpected ways. It’s not a case of 1 Kindle is a problem or 100 Kindles being a problem. It could be 10 Kindles, 15 iPads, 5 Nooks, 3 Kobo Vox’s, 10 iPhones, 15 different kinds of Android Phone, and 10 different makes of Lap Top all on the same plane and all on, could add together and cause a warning light to turn on or not turn on. The office example is  a little off, there is more room between devices (you do not set as close together in a office as a plane), you are not encased in a metal enclosure like a plane. But we all know of someones Computer locking up/crashing/BSOD/Spinning Beach balling, most likely it’s User Error, Bug in the OS, Bug in the program, but maybe it was some one using an RF scanner in his office that interacted with someones laptop? Do not forget that many of these devices also have WiFi and may have 3 or 4 G wireless connections that just add to the possibilities of some interference.  Do I think the interference will cause a plane to fall out of the sky, no. It most likely would cause some small thing to not work correctly, and would not cause a problem for 9999 out of 10000 flights. I like living, I can go hours with out turning on my electronics, What is the problem with turning your stuff off for once you are on the runway and say 10 to 15 minutes there after?

Why turn every thing off? it saves the crew from having to look at each device. If it is not a Life Support item (pacemaker, hearing aide….) Turn it off, is you game of Words With Friends worth your life? It sure as hell is not worth mine.