Found this editorial in the Toronto Sun
Corrupting journalists
Quebec’s communications minister has come up with a conceited, self-important, cockeyed plan


My thoughts are that is at best a slippery slope. My gut tells me real bad idea, real bad.

How far would this license idea go? Would blogging “news” if you are not a licensed Journalist get you in trouble?

Better access to Quebec Government information if you are licensed? What happened to the ability of citizens to get information from the government on their own?

All the information should be released/available to everyone, from the person who only consumes the information, to the person who’s blog is read but 1 or 2, to the reporter with 10’s or 100’s of thousands of readers, to the TV reporter with millions of watchers. Not just a licensed few

Sent a link to it, to Jeff Jarvis  via Twitter. His response  “@TJCS63 dangerous and wrong” . I thank Jeff for taking the time to read it and reply to me.

Various levels of government seem to be reluctant to fully answer question on various issues. From the stage of the road infrastructure across Quebec, to accusation of corruption in the construction sector in Montreal. Is licensing  part of a plan to further restrict our access to information about the government?  Well I hope not, but given that this is being floated when there is a push for more information from the government…

I am not going to along with the anti CBC slant at the end of the article. I think this is just part of the over all Quebec Government “We need to control (fill in the blank) mentality.

This idea scares me more that Quebec Separation Talk.

Strange that I have not seen anything in Quebec papers about this….