Festival Folk Sur Le Canal Today June 27 2009 Saturday, Jun 27 2009 

Just a quick reminder that the Festival Folk Sur Le Canal is today!

Here is a link to some photo’s I took at last year Festival


Hello Darlin’ Productions, Hyperbole Music and St-Ambroise have partnered to present the 2nd annual Montréal Folk Festival on the Canal. Slated for Saturday, June 27th, 2009, this special one-day music event will once again take place at the St-Ambroise Terrace, located behind the McAuslan Brewery (5080 St-Ambroise Street) along the historic Lachine Canal.

For more information please click on the link below:


Hope to see you there, I should be there in the early afternoon Rain or Shine



Festival Folk Sur Le Canal June 27 2009 Saturday, Jun 20 2009 

Hello Darlin’ Productions, Hyperbole and St-Ambroise proudly present the line-up for the 2009 Folk Festival on the Canal:

Joel Plaskett, Socalled, Michael Jerome Browne, David Martel, Dany Placard, Ladies of the Canyon, Li’l Andy, Yonder Hill, Guy Donis, Darling Demaes, Blind, Anique Granger, Matt Stern and Max Comeau.

Slated for Saturday, June 27th, 2009, this special one-day music event will once again take place at the St-Ambroise Terrace, located behind the McAuslan Brewery (5080 St-Ambroise Street) along the historic Lachine Canal.

To purchase tickets in advance, visit www.myspace.com/festivalfolksurlecanal. This is the only way to get advance tickets.


Last years Festival was great. Here is a link to some photo’s I took last year http://www.flickr.com/photos/tjcs63/sets/72157605787704122/

There will be food and great beer. For those going bring a Hat and Sunscreen. Hope to see you there

Visit to Mondial de la Biere June 6th 2009 Sunday, Jun 7 2009 

I can not cover the Mondial de la Biere in just one visit so I went back on Saturday June 6th. I was amazed as to how many others  were there.  This of course means you are lined up for everything. If you can arrange it you might want to go in the day during the week. Due to the crowding my note for the most part are very brief.

So I lined up, to get my tasting glass and some tickets. Then a quick walk around to see if there was anything new.

1st stop Booth 172 Molson/Rickard’s to try Rickerd’s White 5.4%. It was a light tasting beer, it’s now been added to my summer list.

Next was Brasserie Artisanale Le Saint-Bock @ booth 64, and tried their R.I.P @ 14.9%. It is in a Russian Imperial Porter style. Yes this is a 2nd taste for this beer. I am starting to like this beer for it’s taste, and I think it would be a great beer for use in cooking.

On to Booth 14 Okanagan Spring Brewery for their Okanagan Spring Pale Ale 5%, it’s a nice clear looking, light and crisp tasting beer.

Benelux-Brasserie Artisanale Et Cafe for their Novis 5% Pale Ale Belge. It’s a very nice Pale Ale. Benelux is now on my list of pubs/bars in Montreal, the free WiFi will just be a bonus. I want to try some of their other beers to see how good they are.

Then on to the Black Oak Brewing Co. for their Black Oak Pale Ale 5%. Nice golden colour very refreshing finish.

For some thing a little different I stopped that Booth 18 Asahi Breweries Ltd. and tried their Asahi Supper Dry. A very Cold Crisp Beer.

Getting ready to head for home and had a couple of tickets left, so I stopped at Booth 6 for a Sol.

Food stopped at Experience Kangourou yes I had the “Mini Skippy Burger” again. Starting to like Kangaroo.

Stopped back at InterMiel booth 54  to buy some Mead I got a  bottle of Rosee hydromel which is a Rose petal and cranberry honey wine and a bottle of Bleuets Hydromel a Blueberry honey wine.

Plan for next years Mondial de la Biere will include 2 weekday visits.

Visit to Mondial de la Biere June 3rd 2009 Wednesday, Jun 3 2009 

Took a 1/2 day vacation today so I could visit the first day of the Mondial de la Biere ( you can down load PDF’s with all the information on the festival from here)

The layout was similar to last years layout. I started with Combo 1 with is a 8 oz Tasting Glass, a copy of “Beer Tasting guide by Mario D’Eer and 10 tickets

I had gone over the list of beers with a few friends the day before so I had a list of some that I wanted to try. No tasting notes for this post. Where I have the companies URL I have loaded it.

I had not had lunch yet so I stopped and grabbed some sushi from the Sushi Shop @ booth 40

First Up from booth 132 Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel! Rigor Mortis Abt  coming in at 10.5%  I would love to get a 6 pack of this beer and get to know it over a warm sunny afternoon. It’s complex beer.

Next I stopped by the InterMiel booth 54  and tried the Geai bleu which is not a beer but a Maple and Blueberry Liquor coming in at 22%. Not a drink for sitting down and having a few but more like a brandy or port for after dinner. I ended up buying a 375ml bottle for $20.00 CDN

Then it was off to Brasserie Artisnale Brutopia Booth 52 and tried the Smoked Stout (do not know the %) this beer is not listed on the program guide, but a late addition to the festival. I could see having a few of these by a fire in the late autumn.

Next was Brasserie Artisanale Le Saint-Bock @ booth 64, and tried their R.I.P @ 14.9%. It is in a Russian Imperial Porter style. Not a beer that I made friends with on the first sip. I could see it taking a few glasses of R.I.P to get use to it but it would be worth it in the long run.

I stopped by the Les 3 Brasseurs booth 88 and had one of their La Blonde  @5.2%. This Brew Pub has 4 locations in the Montreal area, a great places to drop in for Beer or 2 and a bite to eat. It’s a good beer, I had it to reset my taste buds.

Then on to Brasserie McAuslan at booth 100 this is my favorite Brewery. Had my first glass for 2009 of their St-Ambroise a f’ Abricot @ 5% I love this Apricot Wheat beer. Then a Griffon extra blonde @ 5% a nice crisp beer. I also picked up 2 hats and a bottle of their St-Ambroise mustard.

I was hunger again so I picked up from 2 specialty booths:

Experience Kangourou yes I had the “Mini Skippy Burger” first time I have tried Kangaroo, well it did not taste like chicken it was better. Not planning to drop Pork or Beef to switch over but would buy some to try.

Les Bons Roules Keve I tried some Buffalo other wise know as the North American Bison and some Boar. Interesting taste but not sure if it was the meat or the spices in the meat. Again would love to buy some to try at home.

The Kangaroo, Buffalo, and Boar was wash down with Corona @ 4.6 from Brasserie Modelo booth 172.

I had a great time and will be going back on Saturday or Sunday and will take some tasting notes.

If you are in the Montreal area and like beer come on down and have some fun.

Mondial de la biere Montreal 2009 June 3rd to 7th Sunday, May 31 2009 

The 16th Mondial de la biere Montreal kicks off on June 3rd this year.

The line up of Breweries  look’s great, lots of Quebec and Ontario brewers. From outside Canada there will be breweries from USA, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, and Denmark.

It is been held at the Windsor Station and Courtyard 1160, De la Gauchetiere Street

The web site is not very Web 2.0.  You have to open a number of PDF’s to get the information but it will be worth it if you go.

To try a number of beers you need to go more than once.

I have a off site meeting on Wednesday Morning, so I think I will take the afternoon off and go.

I an also planing to go on Saturday or Sunday not sure which yet.

Hope to see you there.

Festival Folk sur le Canal 2009 Saturday, May 30 2009 

Saturday, June 27 – St-Ambroise Terrace – (5080 St-Ambroise Street)
Live music from 12 p.m. – 11 p.m. Rain or shine
$30, or special pre-sale price of $20 until May 31st.

Just bought my advance ticket from Hello Darlin’ Productions

If you have a Myspace page you can get more information here

The Folk Festival on the Canal will showcase some of the top names in Montréal folk, roots and bluegrass music, and this year’s edition will call on some of the top touring acts in the folk music world as well.

Here are some of the act as listed:

Joel Plaskett


Michael Jerome Browne

David Martel

Dany Placard

Ladies of the Canyon

Li’l Andy

Yonder Hill

Guy Donis

Darling Demaes


Anique Granger

Matt Stern

And special children’s entertainer Max Comeau

Hope to see you there

Festival Folk sur le Canal 2009 will be on June 27 Sunday, Mar 8 2009 

“Mark your calendars, as Hello Darlin’ Productions, Hyperbole Music and the Centre St-Ambroise have partnered to present the 2nd annual Montréal Folk Festival on the Canal. Slated for Saturday, June 27th, 2009, this special one-day music event will once again take place at the St-Ambroise Terrace, located behind the McAuslan Brewery (5080 St-Ambroise Street) along the historic Lachine Canal. ” from Festival Folk sur le Canal page on Myspace  www.myspace.com/festivalfolksurlecanal

They do not have the line up yet, but it is comeing.

This is a great location on the historic Lachine Canal, here are some photo’s I took at the 2008 Festival Folk sure le Canal. I have all ready put the date on my calander. Great McAuslan/St-Ambroise Beer, Great Music, and a Great Location hope to see you there!

Snow 2009 Montreal Vs Toronto Part 1 Sunday, Feb 1 2009 

Time for an other one of my views on Montreal Vs Toronto. We have had a good amount of snow fall so far this winter in Montreal.

I was in Toronto around Christmas time as was not impressed with the snow removal job being done. I was visiting my parents in the Steels & Yonge Street area, and the apartment building next to theirs it 100% retired people and their building is at least 50% retired. The sidewalks were not plowed I found walking to be very hard, I had to tell my Mom, if you have to go out drive do not walk. Where the sidewalks meet the road you had to scramble over snow banks 2 to 3 feet high. I was all over downtown Toronto just seeing the changes and check our a few favorites stores.  It looked like the various stores were cleaning in front of their stores but there were still either snow banks to climb over or 3 to 4 foot slush puddles 3 to 6 inch deep to wade through. Back before they combined all the cities in to TORONTO the snow clean up was much better.

You do not see this in Montreal very often. They start by plowing the road and 1 one the sidewalks making sure that even the corners are clean and clear. By late the next day all the sidewalks are clean and snow between the sidewalk and the road is gone.

As some one who gets around on Public Transit or walks Montreal seems to be handing the snow much better than Toronto over the 3 winters that I have been in Montreal.

Montreal get more snow than Toronto on average and have set up their snow handling system to handle what they get. I hear Montrealers complaining about how bad the snow removal is here but I just smile. It has to be at least twice as good as Toronto’s.

Looking forward for 2009 Sunday, Jan 11 2009 

Last week was my look back at 2008. This week is my look forward for 2009.

I will be adding to the list as the year goes on and expanding on some of the items and checking off what gets done.


My parents get through the year with out any medical issues

The Economy Picks Up

To Do’s

Update this Blog at least once a week (vacation time excepted)

Lose weight. At this point not going to tell you what the start weight is or what the target is.

Start the 100 push up program, start date early February

Eat More Healthy and Local

Bike a lot more than last year

Take a lot more photo’s and post them


Visit Quebec City

Visit Ottawa in the Spring and/or Summer

Go to the Spring Cottage Life Show in Toronto at the end of March

Attend Mondial de la Biere Montreal 2009 in June

Attend the Clearwater Beach Annual Fun Day and General Meeting in September

Stuff I want to get

DSLR this is in the research stage

Get a replacement for my PowerBook G4  it’s over 6 years old and due for an update, it will be an Apple Product

Get a new windows machine not sure if Desk Top or Lap Top

2008 in Review Saturday, Jan 3 2009 

Mixed feelings about 2008

The Good Stuff:

Not laid off yet

Still enjoying living in Montreal

My Dad made it thorough an other year

Made it to the 2008 Clearwater Beach, Ontario Annual Fun Day and caught up with a number of my oldest friends

Reconnected with a number of old friends via Facebook

Made a number of new friends around the world via Plurk, and Twitter

Learned way more about the accounting side SAP than I wanted

Learned more about SAP in general

All the SNOW Montreal had in 2008

The Earl Haig Secondary School 80th Birthday Bash

The Lachine Canal Fold Festival

Flaveurs Bieres et Caprices

The Bad:

One of those few I considered my mentors Garry Enright passed away at the end of July. Garry had been in the Electrical industry for a number of years, @ Chromalox, Square D, Schneider Electric and The OEL.

One of my oldest high school friends lost his dad at the start of December. Bruce my thoughts are still with you

The general economic melt down.

The various “stars” here is my list (I may have missed a few) in date order

Suzanne Pleshette, Barry Morse, Roy Scheider, Jeff Healey, Ivan Dixon, Arthur C. Clarke, Jack Duffy, Dick Martin, Harvey Korman, George Carlin, Estelle Getty, Jerry Reed, Paul Newman, Paul Benedict, Nina Foch, Bettie Page, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Eartha Kitt

The end of the Royal Canadian Air Farce

Learned way more about the accounting side SAP than I wanted

Next Post Plans for 2009

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