Photography is a ongoing hobby for me. It is a hobby were you need to keep learning, so this a page with some of the resources that I make use of.

Web Resources


This Week In Photography Web Site and Podcast are great resources for tips, techniques, equipment. The podcast is a round table format with 3 or more photographers. I like the round table as you do get a number of views/ideas on most subjects.

Tips from the Top Floor:

Often referred to as TFTTF, Tips from the Top Floor is the free audio and video show about all things photography. My name is Chris Marquardt and I produce and host the show. Learn about image composition, post processing and more, it’s like a free photo seminar!

Managing Your Digital Life:

“The My Digital Life Podcast & Blog is your destination for information on how to deal with all the electronic stuff you accumulate during your daily life. We’re here to answer questions like: What sort of hard drive should I buy? How do I create a backup plan? What’s the difference between backup and archive? ” from about Managing Your Digital Life, more on what to do to safeguard you digital photos.


A great place to show off your photo’s and to see the work of others. You can see some of my photo’s here