Visit to Mondial de la Biere June 6th 2009 Sunday, Jun 7 2009 

I can not cover the Mondial de la Biere in just one visit so I went back on Saturday June 6th. I was amazed as to how many others  were there.  This of course means you are lined up for everything. If you can arrange it you might want to go in the day during the week. Due to the crowding my note for the most part are very brief.

So I lined up, to get my tasting glass and some tickets. Then a quick walk around to see if there was anything new.

1st stop Booth 172 Molson/Rickard’s to try Rickerd’s White 5.4%. It was a light tasting beer, it’s now been added to my summer list.

Next was Brasserie Artisanale Le Saint-Bock @ booth 64, and tried their R.I.P @ 14.9%. It is in a Russian Imperial Porter style. Yes this is a 2nd taste for this beer. I am starting to like this beer for it’s taste, and I think it would be a great beer for use in cooking.

On to Booth 14 Okanagan Spring Brewery for their Okanagan Spring Pale Ale 5%, it’s a nice clear looking, light and crisp tasting beer.

Benelux-Brasserie Artisanale Et Cafe for their Novis 5% Pale Ale Belge. It’s a very nice Pale Ale. Benelux is now on my list of pubs/bars in Montreal, the free WiFi will just be a bonus. I want to try some of their other beers to see how good they are.

Then on to the Black Oak Brewing Co. for their Black Oak Pale Ale 5%. Nice golden colour very refreshing finish.

For some thing a little different I stopped that Booth 18 Asahi Breweries Ltd. and tried their Asahi Supper Dry. A very Cold Crisp Beer.

Getting ready to head for home and had a couple of tickets left, so I stopped at Booth 6 for a Sol.

Food stopped at Experience Kangourou yes I had the “Mini Skippy Burger” again. Starting to like Kangaroo.

Stopped back at InterMiel booth 54  to buy some Mead I got a  bottle of Rosee hydromel which is a Rose petal and cranberry honey wine and a bottle of Bleuets Hydromel a Blueberry honey wine.

Plan for next years Mondial de la Biere will include 2 weekday visits.


Flaveurs Bières et Caprices Montreal Nov 14 & 15 2008 Saturday, Nov 8 2008 

This upcoming festival is focusing on the brewing creativity of Sweden and Denmark. In addition there will be brewers from the USA, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Belgium, France.

They also have some ciders.

For an over view please check the link to the festival home page

One of my favour brewers will be there McAuslan Brewing, and they are bringing The Great St-Ambroise Pumpkin Ale! I have never tried it but McAuslan’s speciality beers are great so I look forward to trying this one.

I plan to go to the early Saturday session 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

They also will have food from Sweden and Denmark and other places.

Look’s like a fun way to spend a November Saturday.

Hope to see some of you there

The Mondial de la biere Festival was great Monday, Jun 2 2008 

The festival this year ran from May 28 to June 1 2008. I went on Saturday May 31 from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. It was crowded for several reason, it was a rainy day so why not go?, about a third of the exhibitors were in the Windsor Station Courtyard which is outdoors. 

I went for several reason’s not the least of was exploring Quebec Beer.  Not only was there beer from Quebec but there was a bunch of breweries from France too. Check the web site for a complete list of Exhibitors. 

My 3 Best Beers:

Raspberry Blonde Beer by Brutopia too bad this is only at the Bar. I would love a case @ home for those hot summer nights on the balcony.

McAuslan Scotch Ale by Brasserie McAuslan A nice tasting beer smooth. I will have to get more to do a full review

Barleywine Beer by Au Maitre-Brasseur I saw stars with my first sip of the Barleywine. I guess I will have to go to Laval to get more

As soon as they set a date for next year, I putting the dates in iCal and plan to go all 4 days so I can sample all the beer and other goodies

Have to run but will add more latter

Beer Festival Wednesday, May 28 2008 

Great News……


Mondial de la Bière Montréal 2008

May 28 to June 1

At the sumptuous
Windsor Station
and Courtyard
Downtown Montréal
1160, De la Gauchetière Street West

(Between Peel and De la montagne)

Parking at the Bell Centre
(inside and outside)

For more info click on the the Logo.

I will be there just not sure which day/night or time yet..