Earl Haig Secondary School just had it’s 80th Birthday Celebration on Oct 10 & 11 2008. Luckly I was planing to be in Toronto that weekend visiting my parents for Thanksgiving.

It was mainly to celebrate the the Claude Watson Program’s 25 Birthday to it was focused mostly around those who had been in the program. But it was also for those who had participated Assemblies, Coffee Houses, School Shows, Musicals, Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, Zoom, Screen Arts, or any other performance.

Contacted my best friend from my Haig days, Bruce Roberts, we both decided to go Saturday Afternoon and meet up. We had not see each other in over 20 years.

I went a little early so I could look around the old hood. Yonge street has changed big time from when I lived around there.

I got to the school early enough to catch the opening ceremony. I was touched by the Peach by Ruth Watson (wife of Claude Watson). The Sculpture by Neda Misaghi was interesting. Bruce showed up about then.

We signed in and bought some EHSS stuff. then when in to the Haig to explore the new building. Our first thing to look for was Cringan Hall auditorium where we had spent a lot of our time on the Lighting Crew. We were even interviewed for the current year book. We meet a couple member of the current lighting crew, who were nice enough to let us poke around and see some of the changes in, to, and around Cringan Hall. Guy’s Bruce and I thank you for bringing us up to date and letting us poke around.

Pictures of our exploration are on my Flickr Account

Did not see/meet any of our teachers or classmates but ran in to an old friend Cory Ferguson (Haig Class of 1973) from Ferguson Audio Engineering. We talk with him about how he and his brother Grant were doing and how the company was doing. Cory told us stories about my father Charlie who was a caretaker/head caretaker from the the 60’s until the 80’s at the Haig.

Earl Haig has a long history in the Sanderson Family, My dad, his brother John and at least one of his sisters went there. When he was working there I would go in on some weekends with him and did a few late night runs with him when one of the alarms went off.

We also ran in to Ken Jones a music teacher from when Bruce and I were there. It was fun hearing what he had been up to since we left.

The new building is nice, and the equipment is very nice, but I still miss the old building. The old building had a lot of history and memories. Bruce and I ever broke down and spent $25.00 each for copies of a limited print of the old building.

I look forward to any reasons to go back and meet old friends.

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School Song

Earl Haig! Alma Mater!
We raise your banners far and wide
Earl Haig! Every son and daughter
Sings your praise and hails your
Name with pride
Carpe Diem! We’re going to seize the day today
Carpe Diem! We’re aiming high! High! High!
Earl Haig! School of happy memories
Blue and White we’ll proudly fly
Carpe! Carpe! Carpe! Diem! Diem! Diem!