“Mark your calendars, as Hello Darlin’ Productions, Hyperbole Music and the Centre St-Ambroise have partnered to present the 2nd annual Montréal Folk Festival on the Canal. Slated for Saturday, June 27th, 2009, this special one-day music event will once again take place at the St-Ambroise Terrace, located behind the McAuslan Brewery (5080 St-Ambroise Street) along the historic Lachine Canal. ” from Festival Folk sur le Canal page on Myspace  www.myspace.com/festivalfolksurlecanal

They do not have the line up yet, but it is comeing.

This is a great location on the historic Lachine Canal, here are some photo’s I took at the 2008 Festival Folk sure le Canal. I have all ready put the date on my calander. Great McAuslan/St-Ambroise Beer, Great Music, and a Great Location hope to see you there!