Montreal Vs Toronto Part Hockey Part 2 Sunday, May 11 2008 

Hockey part 2


It took a while to write this post as I had to think about it…  I was downtown for several of the playoff games and the TRUE FANS were in the bars having a few and a good time, or just walking around. There were groups around stores that hadTV sets that you could see from the streets…

There was no indication that anything like the “riot” could or would happen. 

I was not there for the “riot” but I  do not see how it was the real fans that I had seen, had drinks with, and talked to on the other nights. On the nights I was there it was a bunch of fan’s just out for some fun and wanting/expecting a win


Montreal Vs Toronto Hockey Part 1 Saturday, Mar 8 2008 

Hockey in now something I can care about… Why you ask…. Montreal Canadiens of course.  Toronto Maple Leafs Vs Montreal Canadiens The Hab’s win by many kilometers…..