Toronto Transit Commission vs La Société de transport de Montréal

Round One Cost for Adults:

TTC Cash Fare  $2.75    5 Tickets $11.25  Weekly Pass $32.25   Monthly Pass $109.00

STM Cash Fare $2.75     6 Tickets $12.00  Weekly Pass $19.25   Monthly Pass $66.25

Winner Round One Montreal the cost of the Monthly and Weekly passes put’s Montreal the way over the top. Bonus you can buy the passes at a number of local shops.

Round Two Subway vs Metro:

  • Downtown area access. Montreal has better coverage than Toronto. The multiple lines give means you tend to be a little closer.
  • North – South access. Hard to call, but a slight edge to Montreal as it’s north south branches are further apart then Toronto’s
  • East – West access. Toronto win’s the Bloor-Danforth-SRT lets you cover about 80 % of the East West length of Toronto, being in close to the middle of the north south distance it is a fast way to get accross the city. Montreal is missing a good east west metro link. If you live on the west end of the island you have no metro coverage. They try to make up for it with express bus coverage but it’s not a good. The east end has some what better coverage but still not a good as it could be.

Winner Round Two, hard to call, if you live down town Montreal, if you live to east or west ends of the city Toronto. So call it a tie.

Round Three Bus coverage:

This will be purely subjective. If you just look at the maps Montreal seems too not have as many routes and they seem confused. I thought so but after using the bus’s in Montreal for around a year now, the routes now makes sense. They cross over and by doing so they make the walk to the bus shorter in many cases. The routing may make the ride a little longer than the straight line route would.

Winner Round Three, going to call this on a tie. The Toronto bus straight line runs may mean you get from point A to point B faster but only if you are close to the major streets. The Montreal routes may take longer from point A to point B but they tend to be much easier to get to.

Round Four Hour’s of Operation:

Both Montreal and Toronto start morning bus and metro/subway services about the same time.

Montreal Metro’s last train starts @ 12:30 am weeknights & Sunday 1:00 am on Saturday.

Toronto Subway’s last train starts @ 1:30 every night.

Montreal’s Over Night Bus Services starts between 12:30 and 1:30 am depending on the route weeknights.

Toronto’s Blue Night Service starts @ about 1:30 am every day.

Winner Round Four, Toronto by nose. Standard Service runs latter than Montreal’s. Not a huge difference.

Over All Winner, Montreal with the Monthly pass at almost half price, beats the slight advantage of Toronto’s service times.